Discover deals and buy the latest arrivals inside stores in real time

Chat commerce

Chat, VOIP or video-call for a personalized shopping experience

Live Commerce

Watch live-streams from stores and buy on the “spot”

Social Commerce

Chat in groups or one-to-one with stores from anywhere


  • Be discovered by shoppers globally, directly
  • Market new arrivals and deals instantaneously
  • Establish one-one relationship with customer
  • Advertise on social media with the influencers


  • Discover boutiques anywhere in the world
  • Search for specific items directly from stores
  • Talk to sales people from the stores in a live-mode!
  • Pay from the app and get delivery to you

Digital Salesforce

  • Market any product from any store on the Platform
  • Gain commission for downloads and sales
  • Stores can find you on the platform for campaigns
  • Give advice to your followers to stimulate sales